WNA – Who We Are

The Westgate Neighbors Association (WNA) was formed in 2008 with the mission of preserving, improving, and enhancing the viability, livability, and overall quality of life for residents of Westgate.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit civic organization, composed of residents, business owners, and others interested in supporting our mission. The following principles guide our actions:

  • Promote community spirit among residents, businesses, organizations, and the surrounding neighborhoods
  • Restore, preserve, and maintain the character and distinct qualities of Westgate and its surrounding communities
  • Represent the interests of the residents of Westgate before governmental bodies
  • Work in cooperation with existing organizations on issues that impact Westgate
  • Encourage the development and retention of businesses that benefit the community
  • Engage and educate neighbors regarding issues of interest to our community
  • Promote the amenities and quality of life available in Westgate to those outside the neighborhood
  • Sponsor neighborhood projects and social events

General meetings are held quarterly and are open to all. Meetings address topics of interest, issues affecting our area, implementation of projects, and upcoming social events.

Membership in WNA is open to everyone who is interested in contributing to the betterment of the neighborhood. Why join WNA?

  • make a difference where you live
  • involved neighbors care
  • demonstrate pride and lend your voice
  • regularly emailed newsletters
  • voting rights in WNA

For more information about becoming a member click here.