2018 Westgate Neighbors Association Board

Betty Jaynes   email: president@westgateneighbors.org

Gabriel Cantrell    email: news@westgateneighbors.org

Molly Donovan   email: membership@westgateneighbors.org

Michael Blake   email: payments@westgateneighbors.org

Sandra Kohlmann

Front row L – R; Molly Donavan, Betty Jaynes, Melissa Rumer and David Jennings

Back Row L – R; Sandra Kohlmann, Susie Parsons, Jenn Paal, Marty Homan, Susan Wallace-Parsons, Becca Rohner, Cami Bowman, Michael Blake, Jenn Shaw, Gabriel Cantrell and Susan Duel.   Not pictured; Sue Laughlin

Board Members:

Cami Bowman
Susan Duel
Marty Homan
David Jennings, Home & Garden Tour Co-Chair     email: HGT@westgateneighbors.org
Jenn Paal
Susie Parsons
Becca Rohner, Home & Garden Tour Co-Chair     email: HGT@westgateneighbors.org

Melissa Rumer

Jenn Shaw

Susan Wallace-Parsons

Sue Laughlin – Friends of Westgate Park Liaison