2019 Westgate Neighborhood Scholarship

Westgate Neighbors Association (WNA) is a non-profit community civic organization made up of residents in and around the Westgate neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio. Our purpose is to improve the viability, livability, and overall quality of life for the residents of Westgate. Many of our residents have lived here for decades and many more have recently moved to Westgate – attracted by the character and distinct qualities of our neighborhood.

We congratulate you for taking a first step toward investing in education after high school. We’re excited for you, as you prepare to stand on your own, realizing continued learning is essential to economic viability, continuous career opportunities, and overall quality of life in today’s economy. This scholarship has been established as an extension of our mission to help our community thrive. We hope to foster the spirit of the WNA, investing in the furthered education of one of our community members who has demonstrated a similar commitment to improving viability, livability and overall quality of life – whether for residents in Westgate, fellow students, or peers.

Complete applications must be postmarked by March 22, 2019

Please mail your completed application and all supporting documents in a single envelope to:

Westgate Neighbors Association
P.O. Box 44194
Columbus, OH 43204
Attn: Westgate Neighborhood Scholarship

Download the 2019 Westgate Neighborhood Scholarship Application in PDF format.