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The Franklin County Neighborhood Arts grant provides funding for community-based arts projects taking place throughout Franklin County. The program is designed to support community participation in the arts, and funds a wide variety of projects, from choral concerts to art therapy workshops. Organizations of all kinds (including, but not limited to, amateur arts groups, community centers, social services agencies, neighborhood associations, and cultural organizations) are encouraged to apply.

Amount Awarded: $1,000
Project Title: Westgate Neighborhood Identity Film Workshop
Project Description: Two-part filmmaking workshop for Westgate residents
Completion Date: September 9th, 2011

The project we hope to implement in partnership with the Columbus International Film and Video Festival (CIFVF) is a two-part film-making workshop with the end product being a short film about Westgate. The project will be supervised by professional videographers from the CIFVF; the workshop participants (primary target audience) will be the residents of the neighborhood who are interested in learning the technical and/or creative components of filmmaking, creative storyboarding, acting and scriptwriting; and residents wanting to observe and/or collaborate on the creation of the film as a marketing tool for the neighborhood; and the community, prospective businesses and residents beyond our area (secondary target audience) who will be exposed to Westgate and its assets for the first time.

The goal of the project is the complete production of a short film about the neighborhood by its residents that is informative and creative. The intended benefits to the neighborhood are providing a creative learning opportunity for residents to work with professionals from the CIFVF, creating a short film about Westgate to use as a marketing tool to potential businesses and new residents, to cultivate neighborhood pride, and to encourage residents to brainstorm for new, positive and creative aspects of Westgate.

The Columbus International Film & Video Festival was produced by the Columbus Film Council. Representatives met w/ area residents over a two day period to secure raw video footage for our project. 

Ohio Arts Council    |    GCAC

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