Accomplishments and Continuing Projects

What We’ve Done and What We Do

Business Retention and Development:

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  • Secured a $1,500 grant from the United Way/Macy’s Building Vibrant Neighborhoods program, for the development of a micro-lending program for new and established local businesses
  • Developed a business directory to drive awareness of our area businesses
  • Working on a “Buy Local” campaign to support local businesses
  • Actively working to attract new businesses

Neighborhood Promotion, Communication and Identity:

  • Secured $10,000 through two grants from the United Way-Columbus Foundation’s Neighborhood Partnership Grants program for our neighborhood identity signage project;
  • Promote the Westgate Neighbors Association at the annual Bean Dinner and Westgate Farmers Market
  • Update residents via the Westgate Neighbors Association website, the Westgate Neighbors Association FaceBook page, regular emailed newsletters and literature drops;
  • Published Celebrating Westgate..Snapshots, Historical Notes, Memories & Recipes from a Unique Columbus Neighborhood. This book was written ABOUT our neighborhood BY our neighborhood. Available on our website and at various retail outlets on West Broad Street;

Resident, Neighborhood and Community Support and Assistance:

  • Work with other area civic groups to improve & support the community
  • Partner with local schools
  • Support residents. Projects include:
    • creating and distributing Welcome Packets to new residents;
    • sponsoring clean-ups and neighborhood green initiatives.
  • Support Westgate Park by:
    • supporting and promoting FoWP initiatives, programs and projects:
    • WNA membership drive allows members to allocate $2 to go towards FoWP with a match from the WNA
  • Support, assist and communicate with neighborhood blockwatch programs and precinct police to alert residents to criminal activity, and to promote safety
  • Sponsor annual Westgate Neighborhood Scholarship

Westgate Neighbors Association-Sponsored Membership Projects, Activities and Events:

  • Completed the Welcome to Westgate neighborhood identity/signage project;
  • Secured a $1,000 grant from the Franklin County Neighborhood Arts Council and a $500 grant from the Ohio Arts Council for the purpose of holding educational workshops on and producing a short promotional video about the neighborhood. (The completed video can be seen HERE and on YouTube)
  • Installed park benches in Westgate Park
  • Restored Letter B to Westgate Park (destroyed two decades ago, leaving just the A & C to confuse new neighbors and children alike.)

On-going Events and Programs:

  • The Westgate Home & Garden Tour; second Saturday in June
  • Mums & Mummies; an annual fall festival
  • Westgate Farmers Market; held the first and third Saturdays of the month from June–October