Westgate — TELL US A STORY!

The Westgate Neighbors Association is collecting stories, photographs, special memories and recipes to be put together into a book and made available for purchase. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived here for years, or have just moved in – we’re interested in what’s going on now as well as how things used to be. Please share this info w/ neighbors and friends who may have a story to tell, too! Please note: We must have complete contact information for anyone submitting information for the book! Thanks!

The Westgate Book: Memories and Recipes, Stories and Snapshots from Our Neighborhood / CONTACT: Sandy Whitehead: 614-276-7001 / wnabook@columbus.rr.com

Here are some things to get you thinking about your life here in Westgate:
What is (or was) your favorite place to be or thing to do here? How did you end up moving here? Tell us about your house. Are there any unique architectural or design features/details inside or on the exterior? (A few houses have dumb waiters, “secret” closets or even second basements.) Do you have an organic, specialty, or antique garden? Is it unique in where it is (how you’ve worked it into the landscape or with limited space), what grows in it, or have you added any special architectural details or features, such as a stream, waterfall or pond? Do you have a recipe … … that’s been in your family for years? … that was served at special times or at family events? … that was always in the picnic basket? Have you had any ‘adventures’ in Westgate? Is there a ghost in your house? Any pet or ‘urban wildlife’ stories? Tell us something WEIRD. Do you have pictures of your house, your street, the park, or the business corridors from long ago? (We don’t want to keep them – we just need to make an electronic copy. We can pick up your photos, copy and return them in the same condition they are given to us – we promise!) Do you remember or have a photo of … … ice skating at Westgate Park, or when Santa Claus visited there? ... a long-gone business, café or watering hole on W. Broad St. or Sullivant Ave.?

TELL YOUR STORY TO Sandy Whitehead: 614-276-7001 / wnabook@columbus.rr.com