Please go to the link and post your comment to encourage the completion of the Camp Chase Bike Trail

From Chris Haydocy:

Weston Vision Members and friends,

Attached is a link to the interactive Mid-Ohio Regional planning “regional bikeways” prioritization map ( ).

This map shows possible bikeways throughout central Ohio. I am happy to report that the “Camp Chase” bike trail near the Wilson Road Parkland received a total score of 11.25 and a “high priority” rating. This map also allows for public comment regarding  MORPC’s bikeways plan.

I ask for your continued help in supporting the Camp Chase bike trail and  by posting your comments on behalf of the construction of the“Camp Chase” bike trail near the Wilson Road on the MORPC  regional bikeways” prioritization map.

The attached “Screen shot” shows the location of the bike trail and comments section (ID number 2073).

Weston Visions “case for  bike hub support “ can be found at

If you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to contact me


Chris Haydocy

Weston Vision Inc.